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Karamasoft UltimateCalendar - ASP.NET server controls to provide calendar and date picker functionality. 1.1

Karamasoft UltimateCalendar - ASP.NET server controls to provide calendar and date picker functionality. 1.1: ASP.NET server controls to provide calendar and date picker functionality. date picker functionality. * ASP.NET Calendar Plus - Lots of additional functionality on top of existing capabilities of ASP.NET Calendar web control. * Date Picker - Display the calendar with the click of a button and get the selected date into a textbox. * Quick Pick - Jump into any month and year without navigating through each month. * Scheduler - Create a scheduler by defining a set of special dates starting and ending on specific dates and

ASP.NET DatePicker Control 2.1: Easy-to-use ASP.NET DatePicker Control
ASP.NET DatePicker Control 2.1

date. What is needed is a custom control to combine the best of both worlds. It must allow power users to type a date in a textbox, and it must allow other users to select a date using a calendar control. Most importantly, it should seemlessly allow users to employ a combination of these two approaches. The Eclipse Web Solutions ASP.NET DatePicker control combines a textbox and a calendar, to support both novice and power users. If the user expands

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ASP DataGridColumns .NET assembly 1.3.6: RustemSoft ASP DataGridColumns .NET assembly is a DataGrid Columns software pack
ASP DataGridColumns .NET assembly 1.3.6

ASP .NET DataGrid control gives developers a powerful and flexible tool to meet this challenge. You do not need to look for some third-vendors` costly datagrids. The ASP .NET DataGrid server control is smart enough. ASP DataGridColumns dynamic link library contains the following DataGrid Columns: combobox column, DataGrid textbox column, dropdown column, checkbox column, DatePicker column, DateTime column, UpDown column, Numeric column, TextFractions

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Javascript Calendar Date Picker 1.0: Transform your input text control into JavaScript Calendar Date Picker control!
Javascript Calendar Date Picker 1.0

date-picker control. JavaScript Calendar Date Picker control makes it easy to fill out the date/time fields for the website users by selecting the date and time from a popup calendar. Save development time and optimize user experience without the use of pop-up windows with this intuitive, easy to use cross-browser client-side date input control. Download our free trial Calendar Date Picker and add a fully featured calendar date picker into your web

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ASP.Net Audio 1.0: The ASP.Net Audio Component allows you to add (MP3) sound to ASP.Net websites
ASP.Net Audio 1.0

ASPNetAudio for ASP.Net - The unique ASP.Net Audio Component allows you to add sound to ASP.Net websites: ASP.Net Audio allows you to deliver background music, broadcasts, sound effects. Compatible with regular MP3 and WAV files. All script and XHTML markup created by ASPNetAudio is encrypted, creating a blanket of security over your audio files. Comprehensive support is on call to guide you through every step of your trial

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ASPNet Spell ASPNetSpell - The Spellchecking Component for ASP.Net TextBoxes & Editors
ASPNet Spell

ASPNetSpell is a Popular Spell Checking Component for Microsoft ASP.Net. It can be installed and integrated into most applications in a few minutes. AspNetSpell is compatible with ASP.Net 2, 3, 2.5 & 4 (C# / VB.Net / J# / C++ .Net). It fully integrates visually with Visual Studio .Net 2003, 2005, 2008 and 2010 The code ASP Net Spell delivers is W3C HTML and XHTML compliant, and has a good degree of accessibility. AspNetSpell behaves very similarly

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Magic Date Picker 2.0: Magic Date Picker will help you change date on your computer very quickly.
Magic Date Picker 2.0

Magic Date Picker is a very easy-to-use utility for changing the date on your computer. It might come in handy when you are using a time-limited demo of a shareware program that check computer date. If the date is too big or the evaluation is expired the program won`t run. Here is where Magic Date Picker comes in. With Magic Date Picker you can change the computer date with just one click.

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